Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of the service Prosercol Asesores Ltda.

Prosercol Asesores Ltda., undertakes to provide an Assistant, secretary, Teleoperator, or Virtual Professional (hereinafter Assistant) who will be committed to optimizing the processes and activities of your business or company. Her assistant will perform the assigned tasks in a timely manner, as long as they are possible remotely and she has been duly and diligently trained. The provision of the service will be carried out under the following terms and conditions:

  1. Selection: El The client will receive the information of 3 candidates for the position, then they will be able to interview them through video call and after the interview they will choose their assistant.

  2. Activation: El The service will be activated two (02) or three (03) days after the selection of the assistant.

  3. Training: Es commitment of each client train your assistant in an ideal way before you start assigning functions. By virtue of an optimal quality service, we strongly recommend a good training to your assistant BEFORE the assignment of activities.

  4. Hours: El Hours of operation will be as follows: Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. untilat 5:00 p.m. (Colombia time) with an hour available for lunch which will be agreed between the client and the assistant, and on Saturday she will work from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. The virtual secretary will notify each day through the channel chosen by the client (WhatsApp, email, Skype, etc.) their arrival, departure and lunch time in order to provide an optimal communication service. At the end of the business day, the assistant will send the summary of the activities carried out for the client's monitoring through the channel chosen by the client. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the client and the assistant may agree on a different schedule as long as the service is provided from the assistant's home and not at the offices of Prosercol Asesores Ltda. and said agreement is previously approved by the company.
  5. Holidays: El d's calendaríthe holidays of each attendee will be governed for the official country calendarís this is forá providing services. When starting the SVO service puts to your considerationorn el calendar annual highlighting monthly los días no weekdays and send it to the virtual assistant.

  6. Activity Assignment: The tasks to be performed must be within the framework of the requested profile, our service does not endorse activities outside the area and the competencies agreed upon at the beginning. The services will be used only for the purposes agreed within the framework of these conditions. Use for other purposes or contrary to the above may lead to the suspension or immediate termination of the service we provide to you. The use of this service for activities that are illegal or that go against morality and good customs is prohibited.

  7. Monitoring and control: For peace of mind, we offer supervision of the performance of the assistants, for this, for every 10 assistants we have a supervisor to guarantee the quality of the execution of the assigned activities.

  8. Digital Information: For security reasons, all the digital information to which our assistants have access will not be on physical computer hard drives, they will be on the Google drive or any space in the cloud that is chosen by the client, we recommend not providing information classified as credit card numbers or passwords that involve withdrawing money.

  9. Additional services: The activation of local telephone lines for incoming calls, outgoing calls, non-free chat platforms, etc., are cataloged additional services, if the client wants or needs these services, they must pay the corresponding value separately. Depending on the service provider.

  10. Change Assistant: If the client is not satisfied with the performance of his assistant, he has the right to be change him, prior written notice sufficiently in advance to call the replacement selection process.

  11. Holidays: Once one year has passed with the same assistant, this will be entitled to two weeks of paid rest, however, the company may cover basic tasks with available employees, as long as they do not require specific knowledge or skills. However, each assistant has a manual of his job which will be available to whoever replaces his temporary functions, this figure also applies to cases of medical disability.
  12. Employment relationship: Since this is an outsourcing contract, it is clarified that there will be no employment or legal relationship between the client and the assistants, therefore, no additional charges are applicable for this concept such as such as: bonuses, layoffs, aid, health, etc.

  13. Price: Los Prices of the services are those established in the agreed currency, which will increase every calendar year regularly in the month of February and will be informed by the means usually used by the company with the client.

  14. Payments and billing: The client will pay the established price, for each service purchased, monthly, under the prepaid modality, within five (05) days following the expiration of the service cutoff (day 1 and day 15 of each month), in case if you do not cancel your service this may be discontinued. Any retention or legal tax required by the country where the client's company is located, must be fully assumed by the client.

  15. Length: El The client agrees to a minimum stay of 3 months, after which, unless the client notifies otherwise, this service will be automatically renewed month by month. If the client wants the No renewal of the service you can do it with written notification 15 days before the end of your monthly payment.
  16. Uptime: Since this is a remote service that requires infrastructure, power , internet, etc., it is likely that failures will eventually occur outside the scope of our company, however, it is guaranteed that the best effort will be made so that the service is provided in the best possible way.

For reasons of social distancing and quarantine measures related to COVID-19, our assistants will be working from their homes and not from the offices, during this contingency.

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